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I was born in Queens, New York and grew up between there and Florida. Exposed early in life to business and personal finance by my family who always taught me the possibilities are endless. I am thankful every day for that lesson. 

An Entrepreneur since the beginning; I started my first business in 5th grade distributing candy. Later while in college started my first organized business selling beepers on campus. This developed into a full service beeper and Cell phone store within a few months. 

I was able to build and sell the store to 

move into the corporate world working with a Fortune 500 company. I remain with the same company, moving through the ranks to multi-location management in South Florida.  

While building my career and wealth I learned that I had a better grasp of personal finance than many of my peers.  Over the years I have given many people advice, friends and peers, developing budgets and helping them negotiate all different financial matters.  This led me to begin writing to share my knowledge on personal finance with the world. It began with just a few notes and evolved into the idea of writing this book.  

My goal and mission of this book is to bring the knowledge of personal finance to as many people as possible and to make every generation savvier in matters of personal finance.

I wish you well in your financial life and thank you for visiting my website